Suzy Emerald 1

with over Delivery system

Dental Chair Suzy Emerald 1

Over Delivery System

  • Baseless chair with tow fix programs
  • Synchronize movement of seat with backrest
  • Moveable Glass or ceramic spittoon and cup filler with automatic water system
  • Tubing arm can be locked in 3 position so no pulling effect on hand
  • Stainless steel tray located on same level of instrument tray
  • Bio system
  • Glass Plate (for convenience of Patient to keep their belongings)
  • Glass holder for cotton waste on instrument tray
  • Pneumatic low suction and high suction
  • 2 nos. 3 way syringe with removable and auto-cleavable tips
  • 2 nos. Air-roto control 1 no. Air motor control.


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