Dental Chair Suzy Pearl 2

With side Delivery System

Dental Chair Suzy Pearl 2

With side Delivery System

Standard Features :

  • Micro processor chair mount unit with two fix programs: Zero & working position
  • Synchroize movement of seat with backrest
  • Moveable Glass or Ceramic spittoon & cup filler with automatic water system
  • All operation control by foot switch & feather touch switch on instrument tray & moveable assistance arm
  • Glass plate (for convenience of patient to keep their belongings)
  • Wide instrument tray having a 2 stainless steel tray
  • Glass holder for cotton waste on instrument tray
  • Pneumatic low suction Et high suction
  • 2 nos. 3 way syringe with removable Et auto¬claveable tips
  • 2 nos. Air-rotor control 1 no. Air motor control
  • Dr. Stool having high quality metallic base
  • Instrument tray & other parts have antibacterial protection surface, High chemical resistance & High impact strength
  • Halogen light with 2 intensity

Extra Features :

Optimal 90° Horizontal movement of the Instrument tray & Dentist can raise or down Instrument tray vertical by electric motor having pressing button on handle

Due to the space created by horizontal extensive travel of Instrument tray. The approach to the chair is for more relaxed, considerably reducing the unease sometimes caused by the sight of the dental instrument prior to operation

Since the arm of Instrument tray doesn't pass over patient, the patient has no sense of being hemmed in. The patient can also sit down & get up with almost no need to change the position of the Instrument tray.This arrangement created a layout with separate paths for the dental team & patient

Tray can be move behind to Chair backrest so child patient can not see any instrument. This arrangement has a positive impact on the relation with child patient

No chance of Patient's leg stuck in Hanging Tubing while patient can move In or Out from chair

Due to Instrument tray mounted on side of chair patient can In & Out from chair very easily & tray can be swivelled behind the backrest of chair allowing dentist to free the chair access zone completely


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